1) Present Continuous we use when we speak about: a) an activity that is happening NOW b) a temporary activity c) plans for the future d) trends 2) I _________ to Barcelona tomorrow. a) fly b) am flying c) am fly d) flying 3) We ________ home now. a) going b) go c) are going d) are go 4) What ______ you doing? a) - b) do c) does d) are 5) Where ______ she going? a) does b) - c) is d) do 6) This week, my husband _______ by train to work. a) goes b) go c) going d) is going 7) She's ______ in the sea. a) is swimming b) swimming c) swiming d) swims 8) All students ______. a) are sitting b) sits c) is sitting d) sitting e) are siting 9) It's so hot that I'm ____. a) die b) diing c) dieing d) dying 10) Shhh! The baby ______. a) sleeps b) sleeping c) is sleeping d) is sleep 11) Everybody ______ sweat pants. It's really trendy! a) wear b) wearing c) is wearing d) are wearing e) wears 12) I can't go anywhere because now I _____ dinner. a) am having b) have c) am haveing d) having 13) She's cooking dinner _____. a) every day b) yesterday c) now 14) We're going on holiday _____. a) this Friday b) every Friday c) on Fridays d) last Friday




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