1) I _____ the violin on Thursday. a) play b) plays 2) I ____ the violin on Monday. a) don´t play b) doesn´t play 3) Denis ____ to school by car. a) go b) goes 4) Denis _____ to school by bus. a) don´t go b) doesn´t go 5) How ____ you go to school? a) do b) does 6) My friend _____ at 7 o´clock. a) get up b) gets up 7) He ____ breakfast. a) don´t have b) doesn´t have 8) ___ he have breakfast? a) Do b) Does 9) Mum and Dad ____ tennis on Sunday. a) play b) plays 10) They ____ badminton. a) don´t b) doesn´t 11) When ____ they play tennis? a) do b) does 12) My sister ____ posters. a) collect b) collects 13) She ____ badges. a) don´t collect b) doesn´t collect 14) What ____ your sister collect? a) do b) does




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