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1) Which one of these is a natural satellite of the Earth? a) The Sun b) The Moon c) The Hubble telescope d) The ISS 2) The orbital period of the Earth is... a) one year b) one month c) 24 hours d) 90 minutes 3) Planets that are farther away from the Sun take longer to orbit because ... a) gravity gets weaker as you get further away from the Sun b) even though the speed stays stays the same they have to travel further c) they tend to be more massive d) they have always travelled at that speed 4) Polar orbits are used for ... a) communications b) GPS c) scientific research d) weather forcasting 5) The geostationary satellites orbit 42400km away from the centre of the Earth. How fast are the going relative to the ground? a) 3083km/h b) 1540m/s c) 11100km/h d) 11100m/s 6) Which of the following is an example of a vector? a) 10s N b) 10N S c) 10J E d) 10m/s 7) Find the sum of the following vectors a) 3m/s b) 7m c) 15m d) 7m/s 8) Suzy tries to swim north straight across a river at 4m/s. The river current is 3m/s. Which of the following diagrams could correctly represent her resultant velocity? a) A b) B c) C d) D 9) Max travels north 1 mile, east 2 miles, south 3 miles and west 4 miles. The journey takes 15 minutes. What is the average speed of her journey? a) 40mph b) 4mph c) 11.3mph d) 16mph 10) An eel is swimming at 4m/s. Startled by a shark it accelerates at 2m/s/s. How fast will it be going after 3 seconds. a) 8m/s b) 10m/s c) 6m/s d) 12m/s 11) Lola drops a stone down a well and hears it land 2 seconds later. What do you know? a) t, s and u b) t, a and v c) v, u and a d) t, u and a 12) If you wanted to find out how deep the well is which equation would you use? a) A b) B c) C d) D 13) Which equation would you use to find out how high a bullet fired straight up at 500m/s will go? a) A b) B c) C d) D 14) Which of the following is not a projectile? a) a football thats been kicked towards a goal b) a long jumper in the air c) a ball being thrown off a cliff d) helicopter in the air 15) What is the path a of a projectile called? a) parabola b) vector c) trajectory d) curve 16) What will happen to the horizontal velocity of a bullet fired from a gun after it leaves the gun if you ignore air resistance? a) decrease b) increase c) stay the same d) can't tell, it depends on the gun 17) Sam heads straight across a 50m wide river at 10m/s. If the river is flowing at 5 m/s, how long will it take him to cross the river? a) 10s b) 0.2s c) 250s d) 5s 18) The picture shows the path followed by Mario the long jumper. How can Mario jump further? a) lose weight b) increase the angle c) decrease the angle d) gain weight 19) Look at the following picture and complete this sentence. The force on the red car caused by the white car is called the ... a) reaction b) weight c) gravity d) momentum 20) Golfers follow through with their swing because... a) it increases the time taken for a collision b) increases the momentum transferred to the ball c) decreases the force on the ball d) all of the above
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