Since it first ____ almost 50 years ____, the ATM (automated teller machine) has become a convenient method to access ____. The ATM allows people to ____ and deposit ____ from their ____ any hour of the day or ____, any day of the ____. In fact, some people say ATM ____ for “any time money.” Millions of people ____ their check/debit or credit cards at ATMs ____ day. ATMs are found in many places. A common ____ is outside of banks. They can also be ____ in airports, grocery stores, retail stores, and ____ stations. To ____ the machine, you must have a check/debit card for your bank or a credit ____. The machine allows you to withdraw ____ from your ____ account or charge against your card. Be ____ of the fees that may be charged to ____ for ____ your credit card. Check your card’s rules ____ using it. ____ credit card companies start ____ interest on the money you withdraw right ____. After ____ the card into the machine, you will be ____ for your PIN (personal identification number). When you first ____ your card, you will ____ your own PIN. You should ____ a number that is easy to ____ but not too easy for someone else to figure ____. For example, your birthdate is not a good ____. Do not write your PIN on your card, and do not tell it to ____. After you type in your PIN, you will ____ a message about a fee for using the ATM if the ATM is not connected to your ____ or credit card. You can choose to ____ or accept the fee, but you won’t be able to ____ cash from the machine if you reject the ____. As of 2018, the average fee for ____ an ATM was $4.35. If you ____ the fee, you will be asked ____ the kind of transaction you are requesting. You ____ choose to withdraw money, deposit money, or ____ your account balance. You will then be asked what ____ of account you would like to access. The most ____ accounts are checking, ____, and money market accounts. If you ____ a withdrawal, you will ____ your cash. If you make a ____, you will ____ cash or checks directly ____ the machine with a deposit slip. You will be asked if you ____ a receipt. Keep your receipts and compare ____ with your monthly ____. Remember to keep track ____ your deposits and withdrawals. Always ____ ATM directions carefully. When you are finished ____ the ATM, don’t ____ to ____ your card! If you forget your card or lose it, contact your bank or credit card company right ____.




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