The ATM allows people to withdraw and deposit money from their accounts any hour of the day or night, any day of the year., Millions of people use their check/debit or credit cards at ATMs every day. , To use the machine, you must have a check/debit card for your bank or a credit card., The machine allows you to withdraw money from your bank account or charge against your card., Be aware of the fees that may be charged to you for using your credit card., After inserting the card into the machine, you will be asked for your PIN, When you first receive your card, you will select your own PIN., You should choose a number that is easy to remember but not too easy for someone else to figure out., For example, your birthdate is not a good choice., Do not write your PIN on your card, and do not tell it to anyone., You can choose to withdraw money, deposit money, or check your account balance., If you make a withdrawal, you will get your cash., If you make a deposit, you will insert cash or checks directly into the machine with a deposit slip., Remember to keep track of your deposits and withdrawals., When you are finished using the ATM, don’t forget to take your card! , If you forget your card or lose it, contact your bank or credit card company right away..




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