1) Grows by the same amount in each time step a) Equation b) Function c) Linear Growth d) Infinite 2) A concise way of expressing information symbolically a) Linear Growth b) Formula c) Infinite d) Continuous 3) A statement that says the equality of two expressions a) Equation b) Exponential c) Constant d) Formula 4) Growth that increases by a constant proportion in relation to its current value a) Exponential b) Continuous c) Linear Growth d) Function 5) Always the same a) Function b) Infinite c) Continuous d) Constant 6) An expression, rule, or law that defines a relationship between one variable (the independent variable) and another variable a) Linear Growth b) Equation c) Function d) Constant 7) A number so big, that it is impossible to physically write it a) Infinite b) Continuous c) Function d) Exponential 8) Without interruptions a) Exponential b) Linear Growth c) Continuous d) Equation




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