1) It will bite a rat. a) snake b) man c) cube 2) You set a snack on it. a) rope b) dime c) plate 3) You can drive it. a) slime b) truck c) brave 4) You set a pan on it. a) stove b) plane c) mute 5) You must be on the path when you do this. a) stone b) flame c) hike 6) You can play it with a pal. a) drive b) game c) lake 7) It is like a rock. a) chime b) grave c) stone 8) It is the same as a hill. a) press b) slope c) flash 9) It is like a grin. a) grove b) frame c) smile 10) It is a spot that is not in the sun. a) shade b) drive c) mule





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