sensor - an input device used to measure environmental conditions, data logging - collecting and storing of data at regular, fixed intervals over a period of time, period of logging - the time taken between the first reading being taken and the last reading being taken, logging interval - the time between one reading being taken and the next reading being taken, calibrate - to correlate the readings of a sensor against those of a known standard, feedback - the modification or control of a process or system by its results or effects, field - can be fixed or variable length, compression - used to make a file fit in a smaller space in backing store, encryption - used to prevent use of stolen data, password - used to limit access to data, virus - infects computer systems and can damage data, transaction file - needs to be sorted before merging with a master file, key field - uniquely identifies each record in a database, keyboard - an input device used to enter text, local area network (LAN) - two or more computers connected together in one building or site, megabyte - unit of storage - 1024 kilobytes, mouse - an input device used to point and click, optical mark recognition (OMR) - Reads marks on paper - used for lottery forms and multiple choice tests, validation - checking of data on input to see if it is sensible or reasonable, verification - checking of data on input to see if it is correct, web browser - used to view html files or internet pages,

Computing (ICT) terminology

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