Aerospace engineering - Research, design, development into aeronautical and astronautical engineering, Electrical engineering - Deals with the study and application of electricity, electronics and electromagnetism, Mechanical engineering - Uses physics and materials for analysis, design and manufacturing of mechanical systems, Biomedical engineering (BME) - Uses engineering and science to solve healthcare problems, Chemical engineering - Applies chemistry, physics, microbiology and biochemistry with maths to make chemicals into useful forms, Communications engineering - Brings together electrical engineering with computer science to enhance telecommunication systems, Automotive engineering - design, manufacture and operation of auto vehicles, MIG welding - Uses heat to from gas for welding, What does MIG stand for? - Metal Inert Gas, Oxy acetylene welding - Gas welding. The flame is produced by oxygen and acetylene. , Spot welding - Used to join sheet metal together. Uses a transformer and two electrodes., Forging - Metal being heated and shaped by deformation., Casting - Pouring or injecting a liquid metal into a mould. It cools and solidifies. , Shearing - A process used to cut straight lines on a range of materials. An upper and lower blade are forced past each other to cut. , PCB - Printed Circuit Board, SMT - Surface Mount Technology, One off production - Production to make a prototype. Higher costs. Unique product., Batch production - A certain quantity of identical products. , Mass production - Used to produce very large quantities of a product. , Continuous flow - Constant production of products. Costs per unit are cheaper than if produced in other quantities. , Robots - Mechanical devices that can be programmed to carry out jobs, CNC - Computer Numerically Controlled, CAM - Computer aided manufacture, CAD - Computer aided design, SMART material - A material that can have one or more of its properties changed in a controlled manner by an external stimulus., Shape memory alloy - Return to their original shape after heating and deformation., Electrochromatic - Change colour when the heat changes. , Piezoelectric actuator/transducer - Can generate electric charge when squeezed or pressed, Metallic foam - A material that can absorb large amounts of energy when crushed, allows the transfer of heat energy easily, recyclable., JIT - Just in time,




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