IF you have brown hair, stand up, IF you have straight hair, touch your toes, IF you have curly hair, clap 3 times, IF you have blonde hair, hop, IF you have black hair, say your name, IF you are wearing shoes, say your age, IF you have bare feet, wave, IF you are wearing shorts, touch your shoulders, IF you are wearing red, touch your nose, IF you are wearing blue, yawn, IF you are wearing black, spin around, IF you are wearing white, jump, IF you are wearing glasses, rub your belly, IF you have short hair, touch your knees, IF you have long hair, stretch, IF you have brown eyes, look at the ceiling, IF you have blue eyes, cover your ears, IF you have green eyes, hiccup, IF you have glasses, fold your arms, IF you have a pet, blow a kiss, IF you are a girl, touch your chin, IF you are a boy, touch your head.




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