1) Why do you go to sleep? a) Because it's night b) In bed c) Because you're tired 2) Why do you wear shoes? a) On your feet b) To protect your feet c) With socks 3) Why do you use a flashlight? a) To see in the dark b) Turn the light on c) It needs batteries 4) Why do you wear mittens? a) Because it's snowing b) To keep your feet warm c) To keep your hands warm 5) Why do you go to school? a) To learn b) With a teacher c) To go on the playground 6) Why do you peel a banana?  a) It is yellow b) So we can eat it c) Because monkeys like bananas 7) Why do you wear a jacket?  a) To keep warm b) Because it is hot outside c) To keep your feet warm 8) Why do you wear a swimsuit?  a) In a pool b) To go swimming c) To take a bath 9) Why do we recycle? a) Because it's fun b) To save the planet c) Recycle paper and plastic 10) Why do you wear sunglasses? a) Because it is dark b) On your face c) To protect your eyes




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