1) What was he doing? a) He was playing the guitar b) I was thinking c) We were dancing on the concert d) He was singing 2) Was the woman cooking in the kitchen? a) Yes, she was. b) No, he hasn't. c) Yes, I do. d) No, she weren't. e) No, she wasn't. 3) What was the sportsman doing? a) He was running. b) He wasn't jumping. c) He was jumping. d) I was jumping. 4) Were they listening to the teacher? a) No, they haven't. b) Yes, they has. c) No, I wasn't. d) Yes, they were. 5) What was he doing? a) He was dancing. b) She was playing in the playground. c) He wasn't doing his homework. d) I was listening to the music. e) He was doing his homework. 6) Were Sam and Kate watching TV? a) Yes, they was. b) No, they don't. c) Yes, they were. d) Yes, they wasn't.




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