1) Jennifer took the bright red boots out of the closet and put one on. "Hey, those are my boots," said Paul. Jennifer looked inside the boots and saw Paul's name. "Oh," said Jennifer. "I'm sorry." Just then, Jennifer saw another pair of red boots. She looked inside the boots and frowned. These weren't her boots, either! Where were her boots? a) Jennifer had black boots. b) The closet is wet. c) Jennifer lost her boots. 2) Elaine sat down. The concrete felt wet and cold. But Elaine didn't care. She was tired. She looked at Kevin. He was running around the trees. She thought he looked silly. Then she looked at Gretchen. Gretchen was playing baseball. Elaine didn't want to run around the trees. Elaine didn't want to play baseball. Elaine wanted to be in the classroom. She wanted to read a book. a) Elaine is sitting down in playground. b) Elaine it sitting down in the gym. c) Elaine is sitting down in her yard. 3) Shirley cut out the picture of the moon first. She put it on the table. She hoped she did not put it too close to the edge. That was shere she had rubbed some paste on the table. Next, Shirley cut out the picture of the tree. Then she cut out the picture of the house. Now she was ready to paste the pictures on the dark blue paper! Shirley grabbed the moon. But the moon did not move! It wouldn't come off the table. a) The tree is on top of the moon. b) Shirley put the moon on the paste. c) The moon is too heavy for Shirley to lift.




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