frozen - The freegans were happy to find a box of ____ fish in the supermarket bin, crash - David did a ____ course in digital photography so he could take photos of his trip to India., edible - Did you know a lot of food which is still ___ is thrown out?, discarded - A lot of ____goods can be reused or recycled., urban - The ____ population of most countries is growing at a rapid rate., closing - It was ____ time and everyone was leaving the cafe., sealed - We found a kilogramme of fresh apples inside a ____ bag in the bin., pitying - The passers-by threw ___ looks at the freegans who were going tosearch for some food in the bin., roped - I didn't really feel like going, but my friends ____ me into it., recycle - People waste too much and don't __ enough., scavenge - Nowadays, many homeless people ___ in bins for things they can sell., inspired - An article about waste and its impact on the environment ___ Jane to tke up freeganism., balanced - The woman____ a basket of fruit on her head as she walked down the road., tucked - They were delighted with the free meal and sat down and ___ into it.,


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