littleredridinghood - A Big Bad Wolf wants her for dinner, jack - He climbs up a beanstalk, goldilocks - Eats the three bears' porridge, snowwhite - Friends with seven dwarves, pigs - Three ____ build three houses, bigbadwolf - He tries to eat Little Red Riding Hood, beanstalk - Made by magic beans, forest - A woodland, cinderella - Will she go to the ball?, fairygodmother - She made Cinderella's dreams come true, hansel - Gretel's brother, witch - A wicked woman, prince - ______ Charming marries Cinderella, gretel - Hansel's sister, princess - The daughter of a King, enchanted - To put under a spell - e.g. _________ forest, castle - A large fortification, magic - Having special powers - like Jack's beans, spells - Wizards and witches cast these, onceuponatime - Fairy tales often begin with these words, giant - "Fe fi fo fum" says the _____ to Jack,

Fairy tale keywords

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