1) ...at school, when you don't know how to do a math problem? a) The school custodian b) Your teacher c) The school nurse 2) ...at home, when you need help with your homework? a) Your mail carrier b) Your dog c) Your mom 3) ...at a store, when you can't find your dad? a) A store employee b) A little girl playing in the toy section c) A woman on the street outside 4) ...at home, when you need help with your Zoom class? a) A police officer b) Your brother who knows about computers c) Your grandfather who doesn't know computers 5) ...at your job, when you don't know how to do your job? a) An Amazon delivery person b) Call your mom on your cell phone c) Your supervisor 6) ...in your town, when you are lost and can't find your way home? a) A police officer or firefighter b) Someone driving by in their car c) No one... just keep wandering around 7) ...at a restaurant, when you want to order your meal? a) Someone eating at another table b) Your waiter/ waitress c) The busser 8) ...at your job, when you want to eat lunch with someone? a) No one. Just eat by yourself b) The owner of the company c) Your co-worker 9) ...at your job, when you need help following instructions? a) Your supervisor b) The custodian c) A truck driver parked outside




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