The ____ of your shoe has chewing gum on it. The plastic ____ bobbed in the ocean. "Clean up on ____ three!" she shouted. Why can't you just ____ that Miss Austin is the best? The tomato was really ____. ____ literally my favourite person. My ____ is seventy one years old. She's a little slow. Last time I tried to ____ some sandals, I ate them by accident. There are only ____ states- hungry and tired. Can you add the ____ to the mixture? "They are ____ to go, Mr Peters," huffed Miss Bassett, out of breath. I want to ____ my t-shirt blue. Just because. My teacher makes me read my book ____ and I hate it. I sit ____ on the bench, waiting for my friend to arrive. "Most of my friends are ____, but everyone's the same, really."


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