1) You _______________ TV a) was watching b) were watching c) was watch d) watching 2) They _________ to the teacher a) was listening b) was listen c) were listening d) were listen 3) He _________ in the office a) was working b) were working c) working d) worked 4) I ________ the phone a) were answering b) was answer c) was answering d) answering 5) We ________ London a) was visit b) was visiting c) visiting d) were visiting 6) I ________ with Paul a) wasn't dancing b) wasn't dance c) weren't dancing d) dancing 7) My grandparents _______ the bill a) wasn't pay b) wasn't paying c) weren't pay d) weren't paying 8) You ______ the flute a) was playing b) were playing c) playing d) play 9) It _______ a) was raining b) raining c) were raining d) was rain 10) Mary ______ on the bed a) wasn't lying b) weren't lying 11) Peter _______ for the bus a) wasn't wait b) weren't wait c) wasn't waiting d) weren't waiting 12) I _________ my homework a) were doing b) were do c) was doing d) was do 13) Lucy and Mary _______ a) was talking b) were talking c) were talk d) talking 14) We ______ to help her a) wasn't try b) weren't trying c) wasn't trying d) trying 15) They _____ the same school a) weren't attending b) weren't attend c) didn't attend d) wasn't attending 16) We _____ a) was dance b) was dancing c) were dance d) were dancing




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