1 This time tomorrow, Maria _____ on a beach in Brazil. (sunbathe) - will be sunbathing, 2 Wake me up by nine o'clock - I______long enough by then. (sleep) - will have slept, 3 Look, I can give you a ride to the station - I _______ that way anyway. (drive) - will be driving, 4 It's strange that when we get to Sydney, we _______ half way round the world. (fly) - will have flown, 5 By 2090 _______________ (we/travel) to and ___________(live) on other planets? - will we have traveled, we will be living, 6 This time tomorrow I ___________________ (fly) to France. - will be flying, 7 By the end of the week he ____________________ (spend) all his money. - will have spent, 8 I can visit you at 5 o'clock. We _____________________ (finish) the game by then. - will have finished, 9 Sorry, but I can't come at 5 o'clock. I _________________(play) football with my mates. - will be playing, 10 In half an hour everybody _________________________ (watch) the film. - will be watching,

Future continuous and future perfect


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