1) I like .... to music. a) listening b) listen c) listens 2) He .... playing football. a) like b) likes c) liking 3) Do you .... watching TV? a) likes b) liking c) like 4) They .... like reading books. a) don't b) doesn't c) not 5) She .... like going shopping. a) not b) doesn't c) don't 6) I don't like ..... the house. a) cleaning b) cleans c) clean 7) She doesn't like .... to the shop.  a) goes b) go c) going 8) They really .... learning English. a) likes b) like c) liking 9) I ... doing sport. a) doesn't like b) likes c) don't like 10) We like .... grammar.  a) learning b) learn c) learns




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