Rules, laws, habits, traditions, something that is always true: If/when+present, present, If I oversleep, I don't have time to walk my dogs., When we go to the cinema, Alex buys popcorn., possible future: If/when/provided that/unless+present tense, will/can/could/might+infinirive, If you visit next week, we will work on your project., When I get my parcel from home, I might show you what I ordered., hypothetical or unlikely present: if+past simple, would+infinitive, I would walk all day if I were in Paris. , If you gave me discount, I would buy a lot., hypothetical/unreal past: if+past perfect, would+have+V3/Ved, If I hadn't met Lisa, I wouldn't have applied for that job., If I hadn't prepared for the meeting, my boss would have fired me., past condition with present result: if+past perfect, would+infinitive, If you had arrived earlier, you would be at the conference now., If you hadn't missed the bus, you would be dead.., present condition with past result: if+past simple, would+have+V3/Ved, If John wasn't so well connected, he would have been fired last week., If Anna was more reliable, she wouldn't have missed the meeting., present regret: I wish/if only + past simple, I wish we were together., If only I was at home., past regret: I wish/if only + past perfect, I wish I hadn't bought that computer., If only you had listened to me.,




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