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1) When I was 5, I ... swim a) could b) can/ was able to c) could/was able to d) was able to e) could/ am able to f) could/managed to 2) She ... her umbrella a) should take b) should has taken c) must have taken d) should have taken e) must take f) has to take 3) You ... park here a) ought to b) don't have to/mustn't c) don't have to d) are not able to/can't e) are supposed to f) can't/mustn't 4) I .... do this task in 5 minutes. I was the first in the class. a) could/ was able to b) managed to/was able to c) could d) could have done e) should have done f) must have done 5) Yesterday I ... work all day. I was snowed under with work. a) must work b) should work c) should have worked d) had to work e) could have worked f) must have worked 6) You ... me that you are busy! I have been waiting for your phone call all day! a) could have told/should have told me b) could have told/must have told me c) must have told/should have told me d) could/should e) must/have to f) must/have to/should 7) At weekends we ... get up early. We can have a lie-in. a) shouldn't/mustn't b) might not/ can't c) can't/don't have to d) can't e) mustn't f) don't have to 8) My company ......a lunch break for 1 hour. a) let us have b) allows us have c) lets us to have d) allows us to have e) allow us have f) let have 9) Entrance is free to this museum. You ... pay. a) You have to pay. b) You don't have to pay. c) You can't pay. d) You mustn't pay. e) You shouldn't pay. f) You ought not to pay. 10) Train ... arrive at 2 pm. But there was a delay. a) was supposed b) should have c) must have d) could have e) was supposed to f) ought to 11) Parents often ... their children...homework. a) let ... doing b) make ... to do c) let ... do d) let do e) make .... doing f) make .... do 12) We .... talk in the theater a) are not suppose b) are not supposed to c) don't suppose to d) are not supposing e) don't suppose f) are not supposed

Modal verbs Upper intermediate


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