Touch your toes for 20 seconds, Arm circles for 20 seconds, 10 squats , Only the boys do the exercise ( 5 push ups), Only the girls do the exercise ( 5 curl ups), 15 second dance break!, Only the coaches do the exercise (5 squats), Grab some water bob cats!, Type in the chat your favorite school subject, Type in the chat why P.E is important, Type in the chat the name of your favorite athlete, 10 jump squats, 10 curl ups, Run in place for 20 seconds, 20 jumping jacks, 20 seconds mountain climbers, Run and grab a pillow and show it to the coaches, Act out your favorite sport for 20 seconds , Student choice of exercise , 5 Lunges , If your name has an A in it do the exercise ( 20 high knees), 20 second mountain climbers, Make a silly face for 5 seconds, 5 burpees , Type in the box your favorite fruit, 5x6=? , In the chat type a full sentence using the word "exercise".





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