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1) When water vapour cools down and condenses, it turns into a gas. a) True b) False 2) When the temperature of the water is 100 C, water starts melting. a) true b) false 3) The melting point of the frozen water is 0 C. a) true b) false 4) In winter the temperature of the air gets lower and lower. a) true b) false 5) Properties are a) size b) shape c) sound d) tasete e) colour 6) Matter has two forms. a) true b) false 7) Water vapour is liquid. a) true b) false 8) when we heat water, it starts freezing. a) true b) false 9) Heat makes water turns into liquid. a) true b) false 10) If the air temperature is above 0 C, the water falls as rain. a) true b) false
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