1) Coding in STM is mostly a) visual b) semantic c) acoustic 2) Duration of STM is about a) several minutes b) half a minute c) several hours 3) Coding in LTM is mostly a) acoustic b) semantic c) visual 4) Patient KF had a) more than one type of STM b) more than one type of LTM c) no functioning STM 5) studies of amnesia are a) highly reliable b) highly generalisable c) lack control 6) Existence of the visuo-spatial sketchpad is shown by a) dual-task studies b) the word length effect c) brain scan studies 7) older memories disrupting newer ones is a) proactive interference b) retroactive interference 8) Interference in the lab is exaggerated because a) real-life materials are used b) Learning-recall interval is too short c) variables are uncontrolled 9) An example of an internal cue is a) the weather b) a specific place c) feeling upset 10) leading questions a) improve witness recall b) can distort witness recall c) have no effect on recall 11) Demand characteristics a) increase generalisability b) reduce a study's validity c) increase a study's reliability 12) Johnson and Scott investigated a) the weapons effect b) real-life EWT c) the inverted-U theory 13) Creating anxiety in a lab study a) generalises well to real life b) is unethical c) is high in external validity




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