Communisim - A more extreme version of socialism. The goal is complete economic and social equality for all citizens. Everyone is to have the same. All property is owned by the government and basically shared by citizens., Direct Democracy - Every single citizen is expected to participate in lawmaking, and each proposes and votes on laws himself or herself, Representative Democracy - Citizens elect leaders called representatives to vote and make decisions for them and to manage the country on a day-to-day basis., Republic - Another name for representative democracy, Absolute Monarchy - A king or queen has complete control over the government and people, Constitutional Monarchy/Limited Monarchy - A king or queen is limited in power by a constitution, Socialism - Governments manage the economy. Instead of business being entirely in the hands of citizens, these governments control and redistribute wealth in an effort to provide greater equality., Autocracy - A government where one person has all the power, Oligarchy - The few rule, not the many. A minority of people, usually the wealthier and more influential people in society, has the power.,




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