Metaphor: you are a bump on a log, sea of grief, Broken heart, Raining cats and dogs, The classroom was a zoo, His words were cotton candy, He is a night owl, Maria is a chicken, Books are keys to your imagination, The snow is a white blanket, Life is a roller coaster., The alligator's teeth are white daggers, My teacher is a dragon., At five o’clock, the interstate was a parking lot, Simile: She is as big as an elephant, The problem is as clear as crystal, You are as blind as a bat, The shirt is as cheap as dirt, The problem is as clear as mud, The problem is as hard as nailing jelly to a tree, She is as cunning as a fox, The teddy bear is as cute as a bugs ear, The doll is light as a feather, The ring is as dull as dish water, The penny is flat like a pancake, The problem is as easy as ABC, I am as happy as a dog with two tails, Idioms: A chip on your shoulder, Jump the gun, Out of the blue, Give it a shot, A piece of cake, Slipped my mind, Be in hot water, Have a change of heart, Draw a blank, Read between the lines, Play it by ear, Get cold feet,





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