1) When an object blocks the path of light, what is formed? a) A shadow b) A reflection c) A fog d) A problem 2) When an object moves closer to a light source, its shadow... a) Gets smaller b) Gets bigger c) Changes shape d) Stays the same size 3) The sun shines on a person, creating a shadow. Choose three statements that are correct. a) The sun is a source of light b) The person always has a shadow c) The person blocks light from the sun d) Light from the sun passes through the person e) The shadow is the same shape as the person 4) Telling the time. What is this called? a) Sundial b) Garden clock c) Clock d) Watch 5) How does it work? a) The sun tells it what time it is. b) It casts a shadow at what time it is. c) It's magic! d) Somebody moves the shadow round. 6) Why is not always useful in our climate? a) They are too expensive. b) They break easily. c) It's not always sunny. d) People don't like them. 7) Opaque or transparent. What is this bottle? a) Opaque b) Transparent 8) Opaque or transparent. What is this bottle? a) Opaque b) Transparent 9) Which bottle does not let light through? a) Bottle 1 b) Bottle 2 10) Which bottle forms a faint, pale shadow? a) Bottle 1 b) Bottle 2 11) Where would be a shady place to stand on a sunny day? a) In the sea b) Under a tree c) In the middle of a football pitch d) next to your friend 12) When the Sun is behind you, your shadow is... a) behind you b) in front of you c) at the side of you d) not there 13) Why do shadows made by the Sun move over the course of a day? a) Because the weather changes b) Because someone moves the objects c) Because the sun appears to move across the sky d) Because it's magic! 14) Shadows made by the Sun are shortest... a) in the morning, when the sun is rising b) at midday, when the sun is directly overhead c) in the evening when the sun is setting d) Never. It stays the same length all the time 15) Which will make the darkest shadow? Light shining on a... a) sheet of thin tissue paper b) glass window c) wooden chopping board d) plastic bottle




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