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Kippah - A way of showing respect to God., Siddur - This is the Pray book. They pray in Hebrew., Synagogue - Translates to assembly. It is a Jewish house of pray., Gallery - Men and women sit separately in a gallery so that they aren’t distracted and can concentrate on praying. They sit facing Jerusalem because Jerusalem is their Holy City., Shabbat - It is the Jewish Holy Day that starts on Friday night and finishes on Saturday night. I t is the day of rest; Jewish people aren’t even allowed to drive their car on Shabbat., Tallit - This is the Pray Shoal. Wear them during the morning Pray. Tzitzit represents 630 commandments that are in the Torah., Bimha - The platform where they read from the Torah during service, Chanukkiah - Symbolise what was in the temple. Looks like Menhora which has 7 candle sticks but Chanukkiah has 9 candle sticks. They use it during Hanukkiah which is the festival of light., Ner Tamid - It is sometimes in the shape of the star of David. It represents eternal light and the relationship between God and the world., Tablet - These are the tablets of the Ten Commandments given to Moses by God, Ark - The most important part of the Synagogue which is where they keep the Torah scrolls., Torah - This is their Holy Book. They treat them as they were a person. They are written in Hebrew. It includes the five books of Moses with in them., Yad - This is what they read the Torah with so that it is not damaged., Rabbi - He is the leader of the congregation. He is also thought to be as a teacher., Tefillin - This is what they wear. In the boxes are pieces of the Torah and they wear the words on their heads and on their hearts.,


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