1) He ___________ to school on foot. a) go b) goes c) gos 2) She ______ TV after school. a) watch b) watchs c) watches 3) My friends and I _______ TV before dinner. a) watch b) watchs c) watches 4) Alex ________ his homework. a) don't do b) doesn't do c) doesn't does d) don't does 5) Jenny and Max _____________ their homework before dinner. a) does b) do c) dos 6) ______ tennis?  a) Do Lisa play b) Does Lisa play c) Do Lisa plays d) Does Lisa plays 7) _________ football? a) Do Max and Ben play b) Does Max and Ben play c) Do Max and Ben plays d) Does Max and Ban plays 8) ________ your friends after school? a) Does you meet b) Does you meets c) Do you meets d) Do you meet 9) _________ her playmates on Fridays? a) Do she meets b) Does she meet c) Does she meets d) Do she meet 10) Do they go to bed at 9 o'clock? a) Yes, they do. b) Yes, they don't. c) Yes, they does. d) Yes, they doesn't. 11) Does he make cookies? a) No, he does. b) No, he doesn't. c) No, he don't, d) No, he do. 12) We ___________ every day. a) study b) studys c) studies d) studyes 13) Jeremy ____________ Maths after school. a) study b) studys c) studies d) studyes 14) Kim ____________ to school by plane. a) don't go b) doesn't goes c) doesn't go d) don't goes 15) Valerie ____________ lunch at school. a) have b) has c) haves 16) Dakota _____________ dinner at school. a) doesn't has b) doesn't have c) don't have d) don't has 17) Cats __________ a lot during day. a) sleeps b) sleep c) sleepes 18) Jenny ____________ the guitar. a) play b) plays c) playes d) plaies 19) Marco ___________ the violin. a) don't play b) don't plays c) doesn't play d) doesn't plays 20) Arianna ___________ in the USA. a) live b) lives 21) Peter ____________ in Russia. a) don't live b) don't lives c) doesn't live d) doesn't lives 22) They __________ from Argentina. a) comes b) come 23) She ____________ to after school practice. a) don't come b) don't comes c) doesn't comes d) doesn't come 24) The shop ___________ at 7 o'clock. a) open b) opens c) openes 25) The bus ___________ at 5:15 every day. a) leave b) leaves 26) Max __________ his house at 8:30 every morning. a) leave b) leaves




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