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1) If the area of the rectangle is 30 squared cm, what could it's length and width be? a) 6cm by 3cm b) 12cm by 4cm c) 5cm by 6cm d) 7 cm by 5cm 2) If the area is 36 squared cm, what could it's measurements be? a) 5cm by 8cm b) 9cm by 4cm c) 10cm by 6cm d) 6cm by 7cm 3) Area = 24 squared cm, length is 6cm, what is the width? a) 4cm b) 5cm c) 6cm d) 3cm 4) Area = 100 squared cm, width = 4cm, what is the length? a) 12cm b) 15cm c) 20cm d) 25cm


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