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1) Who is the author? a) Jacqueline Wilson b) Roald Dahl c) Enid Blyton 2) Who is the main character? a) Grandpa Joe b) Mrs Bucket c) Charlie Bucket 3) What did Charlie want most of all? a) Chewing Gum b) lollipops c) a golden ticket 4) How many people were in Charlie's family? a) seven b) six c) five 5) What were the factory's workers called? a) the flumps b) the oompa loompas c) the dooplas 6) Veruca Salt was a... a) perfect girl b) good sport c) spoiled girl 7) Augustus Gloop was,,, a) greedy b) generous c) a good friend 8) How many golden tickets were there? a) ten b) five c) four

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory


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