1) Where do you come from? a) New York b) School c) Home 2) Are you sure the match starts at two? a) It started well. b) It's all right. c) I think so. 3) I saw the Spielberg film last night. a) Did I go? b) Has he come? c) Was it good? 4) How did the accident happen? a) I can't go there. b) I didn't see it. c) I don't know how to. 5) Hello, I'd like to speak to Mr Green, please. a) Sorry, can you say that again? b) I'm sorry, I'll call again later. c) I'm afraid I don't know. 6) May I leave now? a) When we've finished. b) Until tomorrow. c) I don't agree. 7) Let's listen to this new CD. a) Who's the singer? b) It's in the record shop. c) I can hear it. 8) I'd like two tickets for tonight. a) I'll check for you. b) Afternoon and evening. c) How much did you pay? 9) What time did the meeting end? a) In a minute. b) For half an hour. c) Just before lunch. 10) I can't do this maths problem. a) I suppose so. b) Let me see. c) Certainly not. 11) Do you like Jane's new flat? a) I don't go there. b) She likes the new house. c) The rooms are rather small. 12) How did you go to Madrid? a) On Wednesday. b) By plane. c) It's expensive. 13) I really must go now! a) How long is it? b) Can't you stay? c) What time? 14) Is Mike still doing his homework? a) Yes, he does. b) It's ready. c) Let's ask him. 15) I can't understand this letter. a) Would you like some help? b) Don't you know? c) I suppose you can. 16) Are you sure the film starts at 10? a) Yes, I am. b) No, I didn't. c) Yes, I do.

KET Reading Part 3A Quiz




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