It's alright. - It's okay., It doesn't matter. - It's not important., I don't know how to. - I don't know the process or the way it works., Not at all. - Nothing., Not yet! - Not now!, I don't mind. - I don't care., That's nice. - That's good or lovely or beautiful., I'll just check. - I will look., That's a pity! - Oh dear! I'm sorry to hear that!, Speaking. - It's me., Not long. - A short time., For ever. - Always., How do you do? - How are you?, What do you do? - What is your job?, It's not enough. - More is needed., Whose is this? - Who does this belong to?, Be careful! - Be safe!, Let me see. - Let me help., It's ready. - It's finished., Until Thursday. - Up to the time of Thursday.,

KET Reading Part 3A Match Up 1




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