1) What happens FIRST when I click into a picture? a) Nothing b) Saves c) Picture Tools Tab opens d) I can move my picture 2) Before I can change something, what do I need to do? a) Save b) Highlight c) Print d) Nothing 3) Identify which command is Save As and NOT Save a) Changes the filename b) There is no difference c) Saves work with existing filename d) Renames the document e) Saves my work with a new name f) Corrects any errors automatically 4) What is the correct seating position? a) b) c) d) 5) What happens if I COPY something? a) Takes a copy b) Cuts it from the page c) Duplicates d) I can paste it where I like 6) What does CPU mean? a) Central Processing Unit b) Contact Processing Unit c) Computer Processing Update d) Communication Processing Unit 7) How can I tell what an icon does? a) Click to see what happens b) Hover over with mouse c) Ask built-in HELP d) Spellcheck e) 8) If I DOUBLE click in the margin area, what happens? a) Highlights a word b) Highlights a line c) Highlights a paragraph d) Highlights the whole document 9) Before I Save or Print my work, I should ALWAYS... a) Close my computer b) Spellcheck c) Check my messages d) Proofread 10) How do I know when a website is SECURE? a) Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure b) Look for the HTTP c) Doesn't matter d) PADLOCK e) Look for HTTPS 11) Which is a Pointing Device? a) Mouse b) Keyboard c) d) Touchpad 12) How can I send an email? a) Compose b) New Mail c) Go to the Post Office d) Reply to an Email e) Forward an Email f) Go to my Inbox 13) Who is my Safeguarding Officer? a) Liz Taylor b) Liz MacDonald c) Liz Petros d) Liz Paling e) Liz McGuire 14) Identify the British Values a) b) c) d) e) 15) How can I stay safe online a) Strong Password b) Install Anti-virus Software c) Only use secure sites d) Write down my Password e) Don't click on an unknown link f) Allow Remote Access 16) Which is a Web Browser? a) b) c) d) e) f) 17) Which is Portrait Orientation a) b) 18) What should a sentence ALWAYS have? a) Capital Letter at the beginning b) Spelling Errors c) A New Paragraph d) Punctuation Mark e) A Full Stop




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