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Which ocean is west of Britain? - Atlantic, Which ocean is at the very north of the earth? - Arctic, Which direction is Russia from India? - North, Which continent is south of Europe? - Africa, Which small island is off the west coast of England? - Ireland, What direction is inbetween north and east? - North East, Japan is off the ______ coast of China. - East, What direction is the Pacific ocean from China? - East, If you travel west from Britain which continent do you arrive at? - North America, Which direction is London from Sheffield? - South, If you were travelling north from England which country would you arrive in? - Scotland, Madagascar is off the ______ coast of Africa. - East, What direction is Greenland from Britain? - North West, What direction is Egypt from Britain? - South East, Which direction is Australia from Britain? - South East, What direction is Brazil from Britain? - South West,

Direction grid

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