There are three cat under the tree. - There are three cats under the tree., These pencil are mine. - These pencils are mine., I’m afraid of dog. - I’m afraid of dogs., I don’t like to eat salmons. - I don’t like to eat salmon., Those child are from my class. - Those children are from my class., Liz put three knife on the table. - Liz put three knives on the table., These horse are beautiful. - These horses are beautiful., Don’t take the balls, it is dirty. - Don’t take the ball, it is dirty., You can see a lot of fishes here. - You can see a lot of fish here., This boxes is empty. - This box is empty., Look at this babies, he is sleeping. - Look at this baby, he is sleeping., These toy are new and interesting. - These toys are new and interesting., Read this texts aloud, please. - Read this text aloud, please.,

Regular & Irregular Plural Nouns - Find the Error


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