1) ........ you were reading, I did all the washing up. a) Despite b) While c) During 2) ......it rained all day, we enjoyed hiking a) Although b) When c) Unless 3) ..... I arrived at the station, the train left. a) In case b) As soon as c) Whenever 4) You will fail the exam, ......you study hard a) if b) after c) unless 5) They are the best of friends, .......they argue a lot. a) despite b) even though c) as long as 6) You can borrow my bike, .....you use it carefully. a) as long as b) unless c) when 7) He bought ..... lovely dog. a) so b) so that c) such a 8) I was ... tired .....I couldn't do anything. a) such... that b) so...that c) as.. that 9) I will take an umbrella......it rains. a) unless b) in case c) so that 10) I'll give you some money......you can buy the tickets. a) so that b) while c) in spite of 11) .............. paying for a lot of driving lessons, he still failed the test. a) While b) Despite c) In spite 12) .............. I like the UK, I hate the weather. a) Unless b) Because c) Although 13) You can achieve your dreams _______________ you work hard. a) despite b) unless c) as long as 14) You prepare the sandwiches __________ I pack the car. a) during b) while c) so 15) _________ the weather looks bad, the match won't be cancelled. a) When b) As long as c) Although 16) __________ her poor attendance, she still passed the exam. a) In spite b) Despite c) Although




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