1) What clothes do you like wearing? 2) What are your hobbies? 3) Where would you like to live – in a city, a town or in the country? 4) Do you like the place where you live? Why/Why not? 5) What do you like about your school or teachers? 6) What is your favourite subject at school? Why? 7) How do you spend your free time? 8) On what occasions do you meet your family or friends? 9) What do you like eating? 10) Do you eat out? What do you eat then? 11) What interesting places have you visited recently? 12) Do you like travelling? Where do you usually travel to? 13) What is your favourite film or book and why? 14) What do you usually watch on TV? 15) What do you do to stay healthy? 16) Who is your favourite sportsman/sportswoman? Why? 17) What do you usually use your computer for? 18) What weather do you like most? 19) Would you like to be the president of Poland? Why/Why not? 20) Which English-speaking country would you like to visit? Why?




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