1) The boy __________ the ball a) cort b) caurt c) caught 2) He typed his work on the ______________. a) computa b) computer c) computar 3) I chose a _____________ activity to do a) different b) diferent c) differant 4) The work was too ____________. a) dificult b) difficult c) diffacult 5) I gave homework to ____________. a) evrybody b) everybodie c) everybody 6) Bring all your items. Bring _______________! a) everything b) everythink c) evrything 7) I went to see my ______________. a) freind b) frend c) friend 8) In English, I am improving my ________________. a) grammar b) grandma c) grammer 9) That is __________ news! a) grate b) gr8 c) great 10) Buckingham Palace has a _______ outside. a) gard b) guard c) gaurd




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