1) If I win one million I .....buy a house a) will b) do c) did 2) If I were a figure skater I ......be slim a) had b) will c) would 3) If I had drunk a cup of coffee at night I ....slept a) didnt b) dont c) wouldnt have 4) If you heat butter it ..... a) will melt b) is melt c) melts 5) If she ..... hard she will pass the exam a) will study b) studies c) studied 6) If it .....the streets get wet a) rained b) rains c) had rained 7) I would buy a new house if I ....the Christmas lottery a) win b) will win c) won 8) If Tony had saved some money he ......travelled to Paris last summer a) would b) could have c) will have




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