I ____ happy yesterday. They ____ late for the party. He ____ the winner of the competition. We ____ at the beach all day. She ____ surprised by the news. The concert ____ amazing. The weather ____ terrible last week. They ____ best friends for many years. I ____ sick last month. The movie ____ really scary. The food ____ delicious at the restaurant We ____ all exhausted after the long hike. He ____ nervous before his big presentation. They ____ in love for years before getting married. I ____ surprised by the gift from my friend. The car ____ old but reliable. The flowers ____ beautiful in the garden She ____ a talented musician. We ____ lost in the city for hours. The party ____ a lot of fun. I ____ excited to start my new job. They ____ disappointed with the movie. He ____ the captain of the team. We ____ all tired after the long day. The book ____ a bestseller. She ____ a great cook. They ____ siblings who always fought. I ____ nervous before my first flight. The painting ____ a masterpiece. We ____ all happy to see each other again.




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