1) Which word is a Noun? a) Cat b) Go c) Badly d) Tall 2) What do we use commas (,) for? a) When someone talks b) Separating items in a list c) Asking a question 3) The enormous horse ran quickly. What is the adverb? a) Enormous b) Horse c) Ran d) quickly 4) What is an adjective? a) Describes a verb b) Describes a noun c) Describes a colour d) Describes a feeling 5) Which spelling is correct a) Bekause b) Beecause c) Because d) Becourse 6) John likes apples _____ oranges. a) but b) and c) or 7) Mr Woodcock is not nice ____ friendly. a) or b) and c) but 8) What is the past of "play"? Is it regular or irregular? a) Played - irregular b) Played - regular 9) Leo was a proud, golden Lion. Which word is the adjective? a) Leo b) Proud c) Golden d) Lion

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