1) I have large petals and are usually brightly colored. How am I pollinated? a) By animals b) By birds c) By insects d) All of the above 2) I am a flower that produces nectar. What is the function of the nectar? a) To provide food for the flower b) To attract pollinators c) To attract animals to disperse the fruits d) To produce perfumes for Man 3) 7. Which of the following is/are types of pollination? a) A) wind pollination b) B) Insect pollination c) C) explosive pollination d) A and B 4) My flowers are not sweet-scented and I do not produce nectar. How am I likely dispersed by? a) By wind b) By insects c) By water 5) My pollens are usually sticky and spiky so that they can........... a) stay on the pollinators' body without falling off easily  b) prevent pollinators from eating them 6) What does an ovule become when it is pollinated? a) A seed b) A fruit c) Nothing d) Fall off 7) What is a flower called if it has both male and female parts? a) Bisexual b) Monosexual c) Complete d) Incomplete 8) Pine trees __________ a) Cross pollinate b) Self pollinate 9) What does ovary becomes a) A seed b) A fruit




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