I am a fruit that is round and can be red or green - apple, I am an animal that lives in the water and has sharp teeth. You can see my fin when I swim. - shark, I am clothing that you put on your hands on cold days. - gloves, I am a tool you use in the garden to clean up leaves. - rake, I am a food that is round and you can put cheese and ham on me and cook me. - pizza, I am an animal that lives on a farm, and people can ride me. I have a tail made of hair. - horse, I am furniture you find in your loungeroom and people sit on me to watch TV. - couch, I am something that you can light. I'm made of wax. I can be on a birthday cake. - candle, I'm something that's used to cut paper. You put your fingers through my holes to hold me. - scissors, I'm something that is wet and falls from the sky. - rain,


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