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Viruses reproduce - inside body cells only, Bacteria make - Toxins (poisons) making us ill. , Antibiotics - Kill bacteria inside our bodies , Penicillin - First antibiotic discovered, Pathogen - A microorganism which causes an infectious disease, Hand-washing - Used to prevent spread of pathogens (Semmelweis), Antitoxins - Made by white blood cells to neutralise toxins , Antigens - On surface of pathogens. Trigger an immune response, Antibodies - Made by white white blood cells. They bind to antigens and destroy pathogens , Ingest pathogens - Some white blood cells do this to destroy pathogens, Painkillers - Used to relieve symptoms/pain. Do not kill pathogens, Resistant strain - Type of bacteria unaffected by antibiotics (eg MRSA), Vaccine - Contains weak/dead pathogen or its antigens,


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