1) I have a headache. a) I'll drink some tea b) I'll have an aspirin c) I'll listen to music 2) I'm hungry a) I'll drink some coke b) I'll watch a film c) I'll make you a sandwich 3) I'm bored a) I'll watch a film b) I'll have a sandwich c) I'll do homework 4) I'm sleepy a) I'll have a sandwich b) I'll read a book c) I'll go to sleep 5) My hands are cold a) I'll give you my gloves b) I'll help you c) I'll make you a sandwich d) I'll give you a T-shirt 6) I don't know what to do a) I'll go to sleep b) I'll have a sandwich c) I'll help you 7) I'm thirsty a) I'll read a book b) I'll drink water c) I'll make soup 8) I'm hot a) I'll take off my jacket b) I'll buy a scarf c) I'll write a letter 9) I'm sad a) I'll do homework b) I'll play with my dog c) I'll go to work 10) I'm lost a) I'll sit down b) I'll go to sleep c) I'll ask for help




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