What holiday is celebrated on December 25th? - Christmas, What is the color of Santa Claus's suit? - Red, What do children hang by the fireplace for Santa? - Stockings, What do people decorate with lights and ornaments during Christmas? - Christmas tree and homes, What do people traditionally put on top of a Christmas tree? - A star, In the song "Jingle Bells," what is it fun to ride in? - One-horse open sleigh, What is the name of the reindeer with a red nose? - Rudolph, What beverage is often associated with warmth during Christmas? - Hot cocoa, What is the traditional Christmas plant that people kiss under? - Mistletoe, What is the name of the gift-bringing figure associated with Christmas? - Santa Claus, What is the name of the snowman brought to life in a popular song? - Frosty the Snowman, What is the day after Christmas called? - Boxing Day, What do people exchange on Christmas morning? - Gifts, In what country did the tradition of the Christmas tree originate? - Germany, What do people often leave out for Santa Claus on Christmas Eve? - Cookies and milk, What is the name of the holiday celebrated on January 6th, marking the arrival of the three wise men? - Epiphany or Three Kings' Day, What is the name of the holiday celebrated on the evening before Christmas Day? - Christmas Eve, What is the name of the character who tries to stop Christmas from coming in "How the Grinch Stole Christmas"? - The Grinch, What is the traditional dessert served on Christmas in the United Kingdom? - Christmas pudding, What is the traditional dessert served on Christmas in Italy? - Panettone or Pandoro, What happens in the evening of October 31st? - Halloween, In what month is Christmas celebrated? - December, In what country does the tradition of hanging stockings come from? - England, What do people traditionally decorate with lights during Christmas? - Christmas tree, What is the significance of mistletoe during Christmas? - It is often associated with kissing traditions., What is the name of the grumpy character who despises Christmas in Charles Dickens' "A Christmas Carol"? - Ebenezer Scrooge, What is the main ingredient in gingerbread cookies? - Ginger, What do people commonly do on Christmas morning? - They open presents, What is the name of the small, magical creatures who are said to help Santa Claus make toys? - Elves, What religious figure is central to the Christmas story and is said to have been born in a stable? - Jesus Christ,


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