1) Who is responsible for health and safety in your unit? a) The CO b) Yourself c) Your friends d) The person down the street e) Your parents or Guardians 2) Describe the four stroke cycle of an engine a) Suck, Squeeze, Bang, Blow b) Induction, Compression, Power, Exhaust 3) Give one basic type of Supercharcher a) Roots blower b) Turbocharger c) valve d) Sump e) 3 lobed 4) Describe how friction is caused a) when an object and a liquid are rubbed against each other b) when an object is submerged in water c) when two objects rub against each other and causes heat 5) Give 1 reading that should be noted down in an engine running log book a) What the engineer had for lunch that day b) Pressure c) where the engine is located d) Engine running hours 6) What PPE is used when checking a battery? a) Rubber Gloves b) Wet gloves c) Rubber Soled Shoes 7) What are the two basic rules of magnetism? a) Opposites repel, Adjacents attract b) Opposites attract, Adjacents repel




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