1) What do we pack into this? a) gift b) angel c) wreth 2) What do we call the special type of Christmas songs? a) gospel b) annoying songs c) carols 3) What does the Santa walk through to leave the gifts at somebody's house? a) chimney b) basement c) window 4) What do children leave for Santa to thank him for the gifts? a) money b) milk and cookies c) coal 5) What do we call the Santa little helpers? a) elves b) reindeers c) Santa's wife 6) Where do we hang stockings? a) chimney b) Christmas tree c) fireplace 7) What do we call a human-like looking cookie? a) cookie man b) Santa's cookie c) gingerbread man 8) What's the name of the plant under which we kiss during Christmas? a) Christmas tree b) mistletoe c) any green bush




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